Thursday, 28 October 2010

Generating revenue through marketing partnerships
Linda Plant, Global Marketing Director for the May Fair Hotel and Radisson Edwardian Hotel Group

Guests are increasingly expecting and demanding more from their hotel stay. At all levels they require value for money but at the premium end of the market in particular, guests are also looking for an experience.

This experience can be sought through the style and design of the hotel, the personal service they receive, the association with the clientele who frequent the hotel, the location and local events, or being granted access to a “scene”.

This is why marketing partnerships are so valuable; they provide added value and unique experiences guests wouldn’t normally be a part of. For instance at Radisson Edwardian we constantly strive to give our guests added value from theatre ticket packages, to private gallery access and even to giving away complimentary books as part of our Book Club at the Bloomsbury Street Hotel.
Partnerships are incredibly useful when establishing a brand personality and creating stand out in the marketplace. A good partnership should have a halo effect on your brand and vice versa. A successful partnership should reflect and amplify what you want to say about your brand, what is said about your potential partner and also what your target market wish to be a part of. More…
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