Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ryder Cup 2010 - Branding by Heavenly | Branding Agency News | Heavenly

Inspiration by Wales, Golf by Monty, Branding by Heavenly

The US Ryder Cup team arrived at Cardiff Airport yesterday to defend the trophy at the tournament which begins on Friday and were greeted by a poster created by Heavenly, welcoming them to ‘Montgomerieshire’.

The poster is an integral part of the Welsh Assembly Government’s support for the tournament which is being held in Wales for the first time in its history and was positioned at the airport so that it was the first thing that the American team saw on their arrival.
Heavenly were appointed by Ryder Cup Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government to create an outdoor campaign that would raise awareness of the event across the nation before it started as well as building enthusiasm and interest amongst the Welsh people during the event.
Heavenly’s deliverables also included messaging and branding for the media reception being held at Celtic Manor on 28th September.
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