Thursday, 11 November 2010

Some background on Albert
The Experience Agency

Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 14.37.03    Albert offers brands a way of creating immersive, meaningful and relevant connections. Whatever the medium, the result for the recipient is an emotional connection to the brand - delivered by an experience. Albert believes that relevant and compelling brand immersion only comes from genuine insights into the market and customer. Their work is based on high quality insight and objective based planning that results in a multi-platform execution – utilising experts from both within and outside the agency.

Why are we called Albert?
The inspiration for our name and identity stems from Prince Albert, who was the driving force behind the Great Exhibition of 1851, which provided a unique, immersive and inspiring experience for its six million visitors.

The husband and consort of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert was a man of progressive and relatively liberal ideas, not only leading reforms in university education, welfare, the royal finances and slavery, he had a special interest in applying science and art to the manufacturing industry.

The Great Exhibition of 1851 arose from the annual exhibitions of the Society of Arts, of which Albert was President from 1843, and owed the greater part of its success to his efforts to promote it. The Queen opened the exhibition in a specially designed and built glass building known as the Crystal Palace on 1 May 1851. The Crystal Palace was an enormous success, being considered not only an architectural marvel, but also an engineering triumph that emphasized the importance of the Exhibition.

Some key facts:
• 9 months to build— from original plan to opening
• 14,000 exhibitors
• 563 metres long,
• 92,000 m2 of glass
• 6.2 million visitors in the three months (population of the UK was only 18 million at the time)
• £186,000 profit (16m in today’s currency).
• One of the most profitable events EVER.
• Profits used to build The Royal Albert Hall, Natural History, Science and V&A Museums as well as many of the Royal Colleges around Kensington.
• Lasting legacy — to this day, it still funds many scholarships and projects.

It’s the essence of his endeavours that form our principles:

Ideas need action, bringing them to life takes experts from both within and outside our agency.

Seeing the big picture and imagining the future are necessary to provide brands with strategic direction.

Platform for profit:
Our recommendations for brands have their ongoing profit as the basis for our thinking.

• Legacy:
Our ideas immerse the audience to such an extent that they will resonate long after the initial experience.
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