Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Barcode Generation

I recently came across an Calvin Klein Campaign with a QR code and my first reaction is what's the deal with the barcode?  Today you find QR codes on billboards, newspapers, magazines and online it seems something as strange as a piece of modern art or a puzzle but what does the symbol represent?
Quick Response Codes, better known as QR codes, are both easy and instant for smartphone users. QR codes are basically 2-D barcodes. A smartphone user just has to download a free barcode app, hold the viewer up to the QR code and in seconds the user is directed to instant text, a website, a promotion, a map or whatever the code creator intended. QR codes have recently exploded in the marketing world because of the rapid increase in smartphone users.
Nielsen predicts that 50 percent of mobile phone users will have smartphones in 2011, a huge increase from 21 percent in March 2010. QR codes might be new and even the most technologically savvy people may not be familiar with them, but within the next few years I bet these codes will be recognizable to just about everyone.
Why am I so confident about this? As a Millenial, I only have time for technology that is appealing to me and fits my lifestyle. I’m a big fan of QR codes because they yield instant results and are easy to use.

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