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01 December 2010

Ad Banned!

And this is why there should be a regulatory body regulating the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which has has banned this ad, created by CHI & Partners, over its claim that deliveries could take place "at a time that's right for you," when in fact only two slots – morning and evening – were available.
Three viewers (who?!) complained about the ad, which features two penguins making a delivery to a walrus.
The voiceover said: "The walrus spends most of its day dragging its huge mass around, hunting for food. But imagine if it could ‘Argos it’".
Once the penguins complete their delivery, the voiceover continues: "With over 1,500 lorries, we can deliver what you want at a time slot that’s right for you".
Argos said that by offering two slots – morning and evening – the claim "a slot that's right for you" was not misleading, because customers were allocated a time period in which they could expect a delivery. I agree. Maybe there would be grounds for complaint, had the film been released in this form: 
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