Friday, 11 February 2011

Super Bowl ads .. which brands received the most buzz on Twitter prior to the big game and to see what people think after

Some time over the last decade, the buzz about televised Super Bowl ads started to rival conversations about the game itself. Especially over the last few years, we’ve seen Super Bowl ads make their way to the Internet so people can view, laugh and cry long after the game ends.
Numerous analyses were done on the popularity of this year’s ads based on social media activity during and after the Super Bowl. Meltwater decided to look at what was happening in the days leading up the game and identified the top 10 ads based on volume of ‘pre-game’ buzz, as shown in the graphic below. This analysis was picked up by Mashable who posted an article about the top 10 pre-game brands on Friday.
Here’s a little more insight into what we saw. For example, even prior to the game Volkswagen had the loudest buzz, with almost 3,000 Tweets about its leaked ad showing a boy dressed as Darth Vader trying to use ‘the force’ on household objects. It was a great ad, and led popularity in most post-game analyses as well. (Interesting that the leaked ad ran a minute long, while the actual Super Bowl spot was edited to be much shorter.)
Groupon took a late, large lead in buzz mentions mainly because it took a spot relinquished at the last minute by Pizza Hut, generating some media coverage that was widely tweeted (but general reaction to the actual ad is negative). Audi’s Progressive Luxury Trade-up Twitter contest using its official #ProgressIs hashtag generated lots of advance talk too. Essentially, we noticed that if a company leaked its ad, ran a contest or had a big-name spokesperson (such as Kim Kardashian for Skechers), the chances were higher that pre-game tweets would be more plentiful. Although that was not the case with Teleflora and Faith Hill, who actually had the fewest amount of pre-game tweets.
All in all, it was interesting to see which brands received the most buzz on Twitter prior to the big game and to see what people think after. What ads do you think are best and worst?

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