Monday, 14 February 2011

Webtrends works with the Telegraph to deliver insight for its iPad app

Web, social and mobile analytics market leader Webtrends has been working with the Telegraph to support the development of its iPad app, which features the best content from the Daily and Sunday versions of the newspaper for free.
As internet users leave their desktops behind and take to the mobile internet in rapidly growing numbers, analytics provided by Webtrends has enabled the Telegraph to gain a comprehensive understanding of how this increasingly sophisticated audience interacts with its iPad app.
This understanding, when combined with a series of focus groups run by the Telegraph, has been fundamental in the development of v2 of the app which is currently in the pipeline for a 2011 launch.
By working closely with Webtrends The Telegraph gained a variety of insights into the behaviour of its iPad app users, including: frequency of use by individual users, total page views, specific articles viewed (key information for both the Telegraph and advertisers), outbound link conversion, and the device operating systems and connections types that readers used to reach the app.
Mark Challinor, Director of Mobile, Telegraph Media Group, comments, “One of the key benefits delivered by the metrics was the ability to confirm that we were on the right track. We knew the app was one of the best out there, but working with Webtrends gave us reliable data to inform development. There always needs to be some level of intuition but Webtrends helped us to eliminate the grey areas in the guesswork.”
In future, location is another metric The Telegraph will bring into the mix, using that data to deliver location-relevant content to users.
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