Monday, 28 March 2011

The Aroma Company get down and dirty in ‘Filthy Cities’ of the past with the BBC’s ‘Dirt Season’

BBC Filthy Cities Scratch and Sniff card, 1st April, BBC One, 7.00pm

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The Aroma Company was approached by the BBC to bring the stinky cities of ‘Medieval London’ and ‘Revolutionary Paris’ to life for a two part documentary.

The series will excavate the murky past of the filthiest cities in gruesome detail, offering viewers the chance to immerse in the sights, sounds and SMELLS of defining periods in history.
The Aroma Company’s first challenge was to recreate the ‘stink’ of Sewage Sludge, 18th Century Tannery, Pong de Paris and Marie Antoinette’s Perfume. By blending a repertoire of disgusting fragrances, supplied by fragrance partner Carvansons, and a strong nose The Aroma Company created 4 unique fragrances that will evoke all the viewers’ senses and take them back in time like never before.
The second challenge was to bring these ‘Filthy Cities’ to the living rooms of the nation. Using specialised microencapsulation technology The Aroma Company produced a ‘scratch and sniff’ card that allows the viewer to rub to release the fragrance whilst following the documentary.
For a preview and in depth look at how the ‘scratch and sniff’ cards were made, join The Aroma Company Managing Director, Val Lord and presenter Dan Snow on The One Show, 7.00pm, 1st April.

For further information please contact Val Lord at The Aroma Company, or call 01491 835510
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