Sunday, 20 March 2011

Football Pie League Update and Champions League Draw « 'The Incredible Pie League Blog'

Quarter-final draw – Chelsea v Manchester United – Inter Milan v Schalke – Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur – Barcelona v Shakhtar Donetsk
Semi-final draw – Chelsea/Manchester United v Inter Milan/Schalke – Real Madrid/Tottenham Hotspur v Barcelona/Shakhtar Donetsk
So now for the big story of the day The latest update on the Football Pie League
The league has seen 7 new teams enter the league this week, most notably Swansea City who enter in 9th spot.
At the top Blackburn Rovers have built on their lead, with what we can only say is remarkable home and away support.
Reading have gone into 3rd place and swapped positions with Norwich.
Commenting on the league ‘a well known sporting legend’ stated…Home and away support is vital for any club, at the top we see teams strong in both and that says alot about their pies.
Man Utd’s away support is much stronger than home and this is why they are off the top spots, must still be too many prawn sandwich’s at Old Trafford these days.
Although Ipswich Town’s support is still strong, they are seeing Blackburn extend their lead at the top, if they are going to push the ‘Portman Pie’ for the league’s top spot this season we will need to see more action. From my contacts inside the club I am led to believe that we might, as this Saturday’s match will see their push for pie honours take on off line marketing tactics. This Saturdays home tie against Scunthorpe will see the match programme feature the Football Pie League and openly encourage fans to place votes.
This is an interesting twist as all club promotions to date we are aware of have been exclusively on line, will Ipswich’s tactic of integrated on and off line activity see them climb that so far elusive last step up the league…we’ll see in next weeks update.
More insight next week from ‘a well known sporting legend’.
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Champions League Draw and Football Pie League Update 18 03 11

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