Thursday, 21 April 2011

10 future trends for the tablet

Geoff Copps, research & analysis manager at Telegraph Media Group, offers a personal take on what the future holds for the tablet market in the UK...

MediaTel: Newsline: 10 future trends for the tablet

Over the last year, at the Telegraph I've run numerous focus groups with consumers getting to grips with their new tablets. What I've seen is a steady evolution in usage, from clueless enthusiasm to serious adeptness. Two things remain clear. Firstly, the industry (mainly Apple, of course) has done a marvellous job at sustaining excitement. Secondly, the tablet market still has far to go.

Recent research with YouGov has given me a clearer view of the tablet market in the UK. And as well as revealing current patterns of behaviour, it has also offered a glimpse of the future. From this perspective, one sub-set of users has been especially important. There exist a proportion of iPad owners - consistently around 20% - whose usage is more advanced than the norm. Typically these folk are owners of high-memory 3G models living in multiple-tablet households. This 'Future 20' has been instrumental in shaping my own personal view of what will be 10 key future trends for the tablet:

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