Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Effectively Communicating your Company's Ethics / The NetWork Event .. 26th May 2011

 Most companies view the soon-to-be-enacted UK Bribery Act as a positive step toward curbing corruption and promoting a more ethical global marketplace. Many organisations are actively putting their anti-corruption procedures into place, but for others, the new legislation will be a wake-up call to bribery and corruption issues facing their business, forcing the design, implementation and communication of new policy and procedures, across the enterprise.

In this complimentary, in-person event, Paul Bates, Director of Europe at The Network, will lead a discussion on Board-level requirements for addressing the pending UK Bribery Act, including key points on the need for executive involvement and communication, the implications for global business practices and how effective employee training can bridge the gap.
Bates will be joined in London by Sterl Greenhalgh of Grant Thornton UK LLP, a leading financial and business adviser and Garry Honey, Visiting Professor of Risk at Plymouth University, to discuss:
-Why solid, executive-level involvement and a Board-sponsored strategy are essential to drive the message and overcome barriers of a successful anti-corruption program
-The need for clarity in communication and implementation, from the senior level to the ground-floor employee
-How employee training programm work to embed an ethical culture into an organization to deter corruption
    Kirsten Schlau

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