Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Find out why over 100m business people worldwide, 6m in the UK consider LinkedIn to be the pre-eminent business networking platform online

How to Use LinkedIn for Business

17th May 2011
The MacDonald Windsor Hotel
9:30am – 4:00pm

09:30 Registration
10:00 LinkedIn: Getting the Foundations in place
(Creating a powerful Personal Profile & Company Pages)
11:30 Questions
12:00 Social Media Directors Networking Lunch
13:00 Developing Connections, Prospects and Visibility on LinkedIn
(Using the tools develop your network, marketing and sales)
14:45 Questions & tea
15:00 Developing Connections, Prospects and Visibility on LinkedIn continued…
15:30 Questions
16:00 Close
How to use LinkedIn for Business workshop at Macdonald Windsor Hotel
How to Use LinkedIn for Business
Come and find out why over 100m business people worldwide, 6m in the UK and over 120,000 within a 10 mile radius of Windsor consider LinkedIn to be the pre-eminent business networking platform online. A place where professionals have the ability to connect, develop their sales and market themselves, their skills, services and products.
The workshop is based on two core “how to” sessions consisting of 90 minute presentations, combining information slides and online demonstration.

The morning session introduces LinkedIn and focuses on how to get the key elements in place from which you can build a platform for you and your business within the site. We look at setting up and making the most of your personal profile, your company profile as well as looking at the settings to ensure privacy and allow you to benefit fully from the site. This is followed by a 30 minutes Q & A.

At mid-day we’ll enjoy a networking lunch and connect with others at the Social Media Directors LinkedIn workshop.

After lunch our focus moves to how you can best use LinkedIn to find the right connections for you and your business. This session will concentrate on core business building functionality through proactive targeting of contacts and prospects, increasing your own visibility and branding across the site and ensuring that you can use the tools available to achieve business success. There will be a further opportunity to ask questions.
We’ll touch on:

• Why LinkedIn is an increasingly key business tool
• How to get the most out of LinkedIn
• Key considerations when creating a Profile which works
• Developing your network and integrating your current one
• How to best connect with people (and how not to)
• Tools on LinkedIn to push you and your business
• Targeting prospects using the Advanced Search and other tools
• LinkedIn applications making your life easier
• A recommended weekly LinkedIn workout
• … and more…

Booking your seat

Since we are all at different levels of awareness as regards the full range of business generation tools and services offered by the LinkedIn platform, we offer the opportunity for you to join us for part of the day or the full day.

If you are just interesting in getting your profile right then need to dash off and put it into action then option A is for you. Should you feel you have that covered and wish to get a better feel for the business opportunities that lie within, you may just want to join us for the afternoon session, option B. If you feel comfortable with LinkedIn and would simply like to join us for a quality networking lunch then please do

On the other hand if you recognise that technology is just the platform and that connecting with people in real time is just as, if not more, important then please join us for the full day. If you knew of LinkedIn in the early days and see it as a place to drop you CV then it has moved on and perhaps you will learn some good pointers from the morning session.

Lunch will be amongst like minded business people, interested in growing their business and happy to invest in business development ideas, after all this course ain’t cheap

During the afternoon and we’ll be adding some meat on the bones and showing you how to work with the gatekeepers to ensure you are talking to the right connections.

Jon Davey
01753 852904

A – A.M. Making the most of your LinkedIn profile £75
B – P.M. Finding the right connections on LinkedIn £99
C – Social Media Directors 3 course networking lunch £45
D, E & F – Packages that save a few bob
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