Saturday, 16 April 2011

{united} - the world's first belief-driven marketing agency / Duncan Gray, Elly Woolston and Steven Dodds unite again to convert brands’ social conscience into profit

Duncan Gray, Elly Woolston and Steven Dodds unite again to convert brands’ social conscience into profit

This week sees the launch of brand new agency, {united} - the world’s first belief-driven marketing agency. Backed by The Involve Marketing Partnership, (formerly the Direct Marketing Group), {united} has been founded by BHWG and Proximity London founders Duncan Gray and Elly Woolston, along with their former BHWG colleague Steven Dodds.

The new venture will work with brands that are not JUST for profit, but those who want to combine commercial success with playing a positive role in society and serving customers who want to live their beliefs.  {united} plays on a brand’s convictions as precious marketing assets, and encourages consumers to be fully involved with brands rather than just engaging with their products. The agency will prepare brands for a ‘brave new world’ by developing creative solutions to marketing problems that are both effective and measurable.
{united} is already working on a number of projects, helping to build momentum and energy for belief-driven brands who have already recognised that {united} can unlock a huge part of their potential by delivering a fresh approach to their communications strategies.
With The Involve Marketing Partnership being the largest privately-owned marketing group in the UK, {united} has been borne out of an entrepreneurial spirit that is not held back by the hierarchy of a large public group.  Its founders are pioneering practitioners who have created and nurtured businesses both nationally and internationally, and have proven track records in the industry. 
As appropriate, and on the request of clients, {united} will pull resource from its talent bank, including consultants and the other agencies within the Partnership, including DMS, Whitewater and Millennium, to provide a collaborative, best-in-class approach to clients’ needs. The agency will develop bespoke projects for each client, and will work in a range of locations, hot-desking and working virtually as required.
Co-founder and client partner, Elly Woolston, comments:
“Although many brands talk about social and belief-driven commitment, this is the first time that an agency has been built wholly around these principles. We want to connect belief-driven people to belief-driven brands through marketing campaigns with measurable value – that’s our aim – and we have the passion and expertise to discover and unlock this potential.
“We are really up for a challenge – not only in how we approach briefs but also in terms of the briefs themselves.  We recognise that we are now living in a different world in terms of consumer and business behaviour and that brands no longer work within the time, location and channel constraints that they used to. We’re committed to adapting to exactly how brands want to work and offering a best in class service that suits those needs. ”
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