Thursday, 21 April 2011

Respond solves the problem of 'banner blindness' and falling click-through rates / Respond

Respond solves the problem of 'banner blindness' and falling click-through rates by using buttons instead of banners, and by making it possible to engage with advertisers without leaving the page.

When you click the button a campaign is displayed as an overlay on the page, from which you can view a video, register for a service, or even make a purchase - all without leaving the page. Respond uses contextual call to action buttons placed under relevant articles across a network of publishers. A car review, for example, may have a 'Book Test Drive' button for BMW.

Here's an example campaign for uSwitch:

Respond co-founder Guy Cookson comments, "The banner ad was invented in 1994 and has become less effective every year since then. Click-through rates have fallen by half in the last four years. Jakob Nielsen's eye tracking studies show most people ignore anything that looks like an advertisement.

"Efforts to revitalise banners by making them more interruptive, by adding video and sound, or by making banners expand and float, have alienated people so much that 118 million Firefox users have installed ad blocker software.

"Respond is different. By using contextually relevant call to action buttons, and by delivering campaigns in an overlay, we've made it possible to fully engage people who usually ignore online advertising. This means more revenue for publishers, and more conversions for advertisers."

Advertisers can run brand engagement or direct response campaigns. 70% of revenue is given to the publisher where the conversion took place.

Publishers can add Respond to their site in minutes, with no design or development changes needed, and can sign-up online now at:

If you'd like to know more visit, call +44 (0) 1524 509 018 or email

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