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"42% of video is consumed at the workplace in “snackable,” shortform communication"  launches end April 2011. Be one of the first UK players featured - call Will Corry 01784 434 412 now to guarantee your message + extra bonus editorial coverage in
A US survey found that nearly half of people now watch online videos every day, with 70% of videos less than 5 minutes. It also found "42% of video is consumed at the workplace in “snackable,” shortform communication"
When you also consider the millions watching catch-up TV and the 2 billion videos watched daily on YouTube, it’s no secret that online video is hot.
With Google now including links to videos in its search results, video is becoming a key medium through which people are finding product information and answers to questions. This presents a golden opportunity for marketers.
Video saves time and gets to the point fast

What would you prefer to do – to read through a page of text or watch a 3 minute video? I know which I’d choose.Video is simply a quicker and easier way of sharing information. As the saying goes ‘a picture says a 1000 words’, and it’s a lot easier to convey how your product works and its benefits through video than with just words and picture.

Ways you can use video to promote your brand

Presenting a human face – People will feel like they know you after watching you on video. It will also give your brand a human face and voice, which people can relate to much better than a slogan or logo.
Product demonstration – Creating a video showing how your product works can help to increase sales. Being able to see it in action will give people a clearer image of what it does and its benefits, and sidestep one of the hurdles of selling online.
Promote your expertise – ‘How to’ videos are a great way of showing off your knowledge and establishing yourself as a customer friendly expert. These are the type of videos people are most actively searching for, so creating videos (with a carefully chosen title) is a great way of reaching more customers through Google.
Build a brand channel – YouTube enables you to create a channel for hosting your own videos and those created by your customers. Consider running a competition in which you encourage customers to create videos of your product being used in entertaining or innovative ways to create exposure and views.
Video marketing success stories
Blendtec – The poster child of video marketing, Blentec’s ‘Will it Blend?’ series of videos have been watched over 117 million times and have been hailed for having an ‘amazing’ impact on sales.
Ceilume – Their ‘Ask the Ceiling Tile Guy’ series of videos, in which they answer customer questions, have been viewed over ½ million times. The videos have been a key factor in a 15% rise in sales, and for reducing the number of customers asking for samples before ordering.
GoPro – This provider of cameras for skiers, motocross riders and other adrenaline pumping sports has seen sales grow 300% a year, thanks in a large part to its YouTube channel featuring videos submitted by its customers, which have been viewed more than 24 million times.
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