Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New! : How to get a video created about your company so that you can load it into your web site / eMarketingnews TV

How to use Online Video, Social Media, Blogs, News Releases and Viral Marketing to reach B2B Buyers directly ... plus a bonus reach of 50 + LinkedIn Marketing Group Sites
You get a special video created about your company with the HTML code so that you can load it into your web site.
Only £1,485 for a special video article plus a full media package. It's a no brainer!
This article will give you all the information you need to craft powerful and effective video B2B marketing messages and get them to the right people at the right moment-at a fraction of the price of a traditional marketing campaign.
First of all it is essential you check this new marketing channel promo video  It is superb. You can be one of the first to have your message positioned in there to get maximum return from the 100,000 + reach it delivers to UK marketing decision makers and influencers. We are confident that this is a marketer’s dream-come-true because of its combined use of Online Video, E Mail Marketing, Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing and most important of all over 50 LinkedIn Marketing Group sites
I love doing video posts—it’s fun, it’s something a bit different, and it’s a proven effective way to really reach out to my readers. I am convinced videos provide bloggers with the opportunity to connect in a way that can be hard to do through written text. I’ve also found video really useful for generating sales. Not my videos, though. I’ve made a lot of video posts, but when it comes to promoting products, I know I need something that’s a bit more powerful—I need videos that have an edge. Just as writing informational blog posts is different from writing sales copy, preparing a standard video for my blog is very different from making a sales video.
Enter: eMarketingNews.tv
I am over the moon to announce I am working with Peter Middleton, the guy behind http://onlinevideogroup.com/ and his team to launch a new channel eMarketingNews.tv
Peter and his team use a combination of great video and scripting to create sales videos that have that “edge” I mentioned. We had a lot of great feedback from customers about this promo video. This new channel with Peter Middleton’s expertise and its 100,000+ reach can make a big contribution to your marketing results during the second half of 2011.

Exclusive. We are now offering Marketingblog readers a special promo slot in this new eMarketingNews.tv , which includes:
ü  2 minutes + of HD video
Filming in our London TV Studio
Professional presenter
Film Crew & Director
Autocue & Operator
Virtual studio customised with your logo
Editing of your video
Providing the html code so that the video player will be embedded in your website.
Hosting and streaming and p
rovision of a video file for you to upload  
 It gets better.
Plus, plus your story is loaded into 50+ LinkedIn Group sites
To back up your video message your story will appear each time in these four top marketing sites as part of the package – a no brainer approach that works!
Plus another cherry on the top .. your story will also be hosted in eMarketingNews.tv and  http://marketingsuccess.tv/
What’s it going to cost me? There is a  special opening offer.....
·          E Marketing News TVE Marketing News TVE Marketing News TV
            £1,485 for a special video article plus a full media package.
      You can be sure it will not rock your marketing budget and it is a very useful trial package. (Includes articles appearing in four of theMarketingblog sites including www.themarketingblog.co.uk  plus the 50+ LinkedIn group thrust) and its 100,000+ email reach
Find out more. Call Will Corry will@themarketingblog.co.uk  01784 434 412 today.   We have only five spots available each time for eMarketingNews.tv. Two have already been booked for July 2011 so call now! 
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