Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Inbound consistently delivers a dramatically lower cost per lead than outbound.

When it comes to ad agency new business, blogs and social media can deliver inbound leads for less

I often say, “people want to work with other people that they KNOW, TRUST and LIKE”. Social media is an efficient and affordable way to build new business relationships quickly. Please call me Will Corry - the UK Content Curator, 01784 434 412 if you need more information.

HubSpot’s latest 2011 “State of Inbound Marketing Report” is now available for download.

According to research from inbound marketing solutions provider 
HubSpot, businesses dominated by inbound marketing have a 62% lower cost per lead than firms that do mostly outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing refers to efforts that provide web users with information or tools of value to them, as opposed to outbound or interruptive marketing that pushes messages in front of them.
Traditional outbound marketing techniques for ad agency new business – including direct mail and cold calling – are becoming less effective. Your prospects have the capability to evaluate agency services on their own.
Inbound marketing offers your audience useful information and tools that attract prospective clients to your site, while interacting and developing relationships. Inbound marketing tools include blogging, content publishing, search engine optimization and social media.
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