Thursday, 18 August 2011

Annie tells you how to get QUICK POWERFUL research at a fraction of the normal cost / Vox Pops International


Vox Pops International will be conducting video interviews all next week around the country with members of the public on a variety of issues.
This is a great opportunity to get QUICK, POWERFUL research that will inform people in your company and affiliated organisations in a MEMORABLE and VISUAL way, at a fraction of the normal cost
Annie tells you how to get QUICK POWERFUL research at a fraction of the normal cost   Vox Pops International
To find out more please email or phone on 020 8786 8855
FREE VIDEOS THIS WEEK – watch now to see how video brings research to life….
This week we gained feedback on behalf of Campaign Magazine regarding the new advert for Gordons Gin starring Philip Gleistner and Emilia Fox.
Interviewed consumers largely understood the relevance of the witty dialogue, while the visuals conveyed a refreshing and iconic brand.
To find out more about what people thought about this advert, click here to watch this week's free video summary
In addition we also conducted interviews to gauge the public's hopes and expectations for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London, from ticket sales to the impact that it will have on the capital. Click here to find out more.

More Details About State of the Nation…..

Sample -
We will interview 100 people in 5 different locations around the UK - Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, London
Methodology – face to face intercept interviews in city centres.  Qualitative in nature, each interview lasts approximately 10-12 minutes.
Our interviewers are specially trained and the questionnaires are designed to be open ended to ensure full responses.
Deliverables – September/October
Our Core Questions
  • How have your spending habits changed in the last 6 months, if at all?
  • What has effected your spending the most and will this change in the foreseeable future?
  • How have rising prices impacted on you personally – which have been the worse for you?
  • Whats the last brand you bought that really impressed you and why?
  • Which is the brand you buy the most and why?
  • Give me examples of how the social media you consume exposes you to brands and products?
    (ads, banners, word of mouth, recommendations, status updates, add a brand)
  • Which social media do you use the most and for what, has that changed in the last year?
  • What new device/gadget bought in the last year has enhanced your life the most and why?
  • What do you think about the UK and our ‘broken society’
Who are we?
We are the market leaders in qualitative video research, working for major clients such as Barclays, BBC, Britvic, BskyB, Channel 5, Kellogg’s, Orange, Which?
We specialise in combining high-end video production with market research to produce videos that stimulate, engage and disseminate customer feedback throughout a company.
Our services include:  customer segmentation videos, accompanied trips, video diaries, in-home ethnographic videos, vox pops in situ, communication checks and hall tests.

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