Thursday, 15 March 2012

Four free to attend conferences and an exhibition of over 100 leading suppliers / Internet Retailing Expo 2012

Internet Retailing Expo 2012

There are many sources of information for the various professionals and channels within the internet retailing industry, but Internet Retailing Expo 2012 is the only place visitors will find the opportunity to blend marketing with technology, logistics with customer-facing design and mobile with in-store experience.
What’s on
 At Internet Retailing Fast Track Conference
Fast track focuses upon getting your business up and running quickly across all channels, learning from entrepreneurs who’ve made the leap and from people who can help you go from a standing start to success in the shortest possible time. Read More Enterprise Conference
Enterprise is for people already selling online and the larger enterprise who are already very capable and successful but who want even more!
Read More Mobile and Social Commerce Conference
Mobile and social are radically reshaping retail – and this trend is set to increase in 2012. On the second day of IRX we’re delving into these vital new channels and looking at what they bring separately and together to the retailing community. Read More Customer Experience Conference
This stream will consider how to create a rounded, integrated view of the customers’ experience, how to shape and to exploit this.
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