Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sir David Attenborough and Rapanui in Badger Christmas Number One Bid

A surprise challenger to this year’s X-Factor Christmas number one spot has come in the form of a charity single for the Badger Trust, featuring wildlife broadcasting superstars Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham.

The charity single forms part of a campaign by eco fashion brand Rapanui, The Badger Trust and a group of charitable organisations and celebrities aiming to raise public support to stop the proposed Badger cull of 2013.


Chris Packham

All royalties from the single ‘The Present of Life’ – released 7th December - will go directly to the Badger Trust, who work to promote Badger welfare. The campaign also calls for signatories of Queen guitarist Brian May’s petition to the government to stop the Badger cull.

Eco fashion brand Rapanui recently won the RSPCA Good Business Awards for their work promoting Traceability and Ecolabelling in clothing supply chains, essentially popularising ethical consumerism. They partnered with music producers and secured celebrity support to promote the single and created a limited edition t-shirt for the Badger Trust.

Sir David Attenborough whose voice features in the single said:

“The government commissioned a scientific study into culling eleven thousand badgers. And the results, of that independent scientific study, were that culling is not a viable policy option."

Chris Packham said:

"The battle for the coveted Christmas number one spot is always tough but one we are ready for. It will be difficult going up against the X-Factor but we'll give it a good shot. It would be an amazing achievement."

And commented on farming:

85% of our countryside is farmed, and farmers are therefore major custodians of wildlife and sustainability in the UK. Farms are also businesses. It's understandable that a farmer on the verge of bankruptcy might look to drastic measures to reduce their losses. But science shows the cull isn’t the answer. If we supported farmers more and bought their produce, perhaps they'd lend their ear to environmentalists a little more easily. British consumers can help British badgers by supporting British farmers.”

Martin Drake-Knight co-founder of Rapanui said:

“At Rapanui science and sustainability is at the core of what we do. And sustainability is about science, not emotion. The badger cull is another example of the need for science to lead the way. This Christmas we decided to lend help and in doing so, make the issue more accessible for young people.”

Jeff Hayden of the Badger Trust Said:

“Young people are the future. They will inherit the earth and our responsibilities to it. This charity single and t-shirt collaboration is a great chance for us to bring the conservation of Badgers, plus wildlife conservation in general to a young, energetic audience. That can only be a good thing”


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