Wednesday, 27 March 2013

This solution is a no-brainer to drive business / Giant iTab

Hear what our clients are saying...

"The multi-touch function of the Giant iTab changes the normal tablet and smart phone experience from a personal device to a group experience."

"Our customers want to interact with screens in a tablet style and this really provides a great solution."

"The Giant iTabs were the perfect solution for us to showcase our new 'Sportsbook' App, with added wow!"

"We stepped up to it, touched the screen and went 'wow'. We were so impressed that I called the company the next day."

"With the Giant iTab sited in-store, this e-commerce solution sells off our Orvis website, showcasing its entire portfolio, not previously offered in-store."

"With more and more companies and events using Apps, this solution is a no-brainer to drive business."

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