Saturday, 6 April 2013

"Every customer should be sent a Thank You card in this day and age. Especially as we sell Thank You cards."


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – UK – 5th APRIL 2013 genius simplicity and honesty in remarketing
“Every customer should be sent a Thank You card in this day and age. Especially as we sell Thank You cards.”, challenger brand to Moonpig, sends every new customer a personalised thank you card in the post, shortly after their first order. This seemingly obvious method of remarketing not only highlights the quality of the product on receipt but helps the brand differentiate from banal competitors.
The cards, which carry the strapline “a shameless piece of marketing masquerading as a Thank You card” have increased both the frequency and cost per repeat order since they were introduced. Repeat business is key in an industry where television and AdWords costs are high for a product costing £3.99 including postage.
The success of the campaign is measured across organic social media mentions, direct customer feedback and sales uplift.
Recent customer comments—
Twitter (@thedogsdaily)brilliant piece of marketing from @thedogsdaily. clever clever.

Customer blog post“The Thank You card reflects the brand personality in a quirky way whilst allowing the product quality and service to be experienced in a tangible way.”
Facebook comment ( received a thank u card from The Dogs Doodahs, for ordering with them! Fab marketing piece!!! I shall buy my cards from you forever!! Emily Eudall

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Notes for editors
Nearly £1.38 billion was spent on single cards in the last year - more than tea and coffee put together. The UK is the most successful greeting card industry in the world with 31 cards being sent on average per person each year focusses primarily on humour, with the site owning and producing their own greeting cards. The company has a loyal fan-base, who appreciate the ‘funnier and easier’ approach to cards that the site promises. Cards and gifts ordered before 2pm are sent the same day (Monday-Friday) from the UK mainland.

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