Saturday, 18 May 2013

All about Marilyn Monroe-like pose, Mojiva, NEC display, Share a Coke, YunoJuno, Branded3 and Ryanair

St Ives Group acquires search and digital agency Branded3 | TheMarketingblog

From - Today, 5:34 AM

St Ives Group have announced the acquisition of leading search and digital agency Branded3 from co-founders Vin Chinnaraja and Patrick Altoft. The acquisition

Video : So, who will you share a Coke with? | TheMarketingblog

From - Today, 3:27 PM

Following the Share a Coke official launch last week they sent us this message... This summer we're swapping our name with yours. We're replacing the iconic

Brett Akker and Jon Claydon invest in three Ad men uprooting recruitment | TheMarketingblog

From - Today, 7:24 AM

Streetcar entrepreneur Brett Akker and WorkClub and Agency Republic founder Jon Claydon have joined London-based start-up YunoJuno - the social platform for

‘The Democratisation of Tablets’ / Nick Marsh, Mojiva | TheMarketingblog

From - May 17, 6:01 PM

Nick Marsh, Vice President, EMEA Sales and Publishing, Mojiva Remember when the Internet was the shiny new object that everyone simply had to get

Boobs? Is this more like a joke (or marketing trick) rather than a serious business idea? | TheMarketingblog

From - May 17, 3:36 PM

Thanks to a new feature from Brayola, the startup looking to pair your boobs with the right bra, you can not only check out an endless stream of breasts but

Does Ryanair pay probationary cabin crew under £10 per flight? | TheMarketingblog

From - Today, 7:10 PM

Ryanair air hostess blows whistle on how contract staff are forced to take three months' unpaid leave and buy their own uniforms Sophie Growcoot, 20, from

B2B Marketing: 9 Ideas for Solving Your Biggest Content Challenges

From - Today, 11:31 AM

Inspired by a reader's question, CMI takes a closer look at challenges B2B marketers face at both small and enterprise businesses. Check out our 9 ideas for solving some of the biggest content chal...

New – a breath-taking, high impact videowall solution using the latest NEC display technologies | TheMarketingblog

From - May 17, 6:33 PM

For the fourth consecutive year, PSCo Technical Distribution, a trade-only technical distributor of innovative display technology, was proud to support NEC’s

Marilyn Monroe-like pose / Is this poster ‘sexist and voyeuristic’? | TheMarketingblog

From - May 17, 4:30 PM

A series of PSA posters for the Singapore Cancer Society depict women in a Marilyn Monroe-like pose that some have dubbed sexist and voyeuristic while others

Should I wait to buy my next iPhone? | TheMarketingblog

From - May 17, 7:28 AM

Top story: Should I Wait to Buy My Next iPhone?…, see more— David Abingdon (@AlchemyNetwork)

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