Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mubaloo helps Carphone Warehouse go ARGoMo News

Rating: Helps deliver the ultimate store finder app, supposedly
Building on its discovery that, “Apps for smartphones are the next big thing” (see here), Mubaloo, has worked with The Carphone Warehouse to develop what it claims is the ultimate in store finders. Yes, Mubaloo has discovered the powers of AR [Augmented Reality] and created an iPhone app to guide potential customers to the Carphone’s 800 plus locations.
Try searching iTunes for ‘Locate a store’ or Carphone Warehouse Store Finder.The pair claim the improved app provides full details for each store within the area, up to fifty miles away, and directions to guide the user to the store. The app provides full store opening times and postcodes.
It appears that Mubaloo has employed Google Maps within the app to locate the stores and provide their distance from the user. The hope is this facility will help the Carphone Warehouse stand out amongst all the high street competition.
Also – in the rapidly developing smartphone market, customers can now easily locate Carphone Warehouse stores for accessories, repairs, changes to contract, upgrades and complaints.
Again displaying his massive powers of insight, Mark Mason, Mubaloo’s CEO, commented that, “The development of this app shows that even high street stores are adopting a mobile strategy.”
Hang on. Wouldn’t it be a bit worrying is the UK’s leading vendor of smartphones was blissfully unaware of the powers of AR?
Anyway, it isn’t first because 3 UK uses AR to help its sales staff promote 3G data within stores.
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