Saturday, 11 December 2010

What people think of the new Stella Artois ad? Vox Pops International

What people think of the ad

Great new advert for Stella Artois created by the Mother. The ad entitled “Originally Crafted for Christmas”, (“Ice Lounge” has been used for the ad) keeps with the style of Stella Artois’ ad campaigns in the past.

In the commercial, a 1960s continental European setting is the backdrop for an elaborate ice sculpture competition, with competitors vying to impress the panel of discerning judges. It is a playful take on the care and dedication that go into ‘crafting’ the winning ice sculpture, and relates back to the care and dedication that go into crafting Stella Artois – the beer originally crafted for Christmas.

Throughout this year Vox Pops International have been interviewing people throughout the country to keep in touch with the mood of the nation.

Every week their videos appear on Brand Republic and Campaign websites. These are complimentary and you can download them now.
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