Monday, 18 October 2010

Only 36% of CEOs engage online : They mutter things like "it was never like this in my day"

Don't tell your boss at work, but almost certainly he or she is living in the past, unable to grasp the modern world. They want it to be "like it used to be" and mutter things like "it was never like this in my day". They thump their fist on the meeting room table demanding that Facebook be switched off in the office and they can't understand why people are constantly emailing each other when they could be meeting face-to-face. All  this technology lark - well, it's just not cricket is it chaps?

New research from the PR firm Weber Shandwick shows that the vast majority of Chief Executives have yet to do any kind of social networking. Only 36% of CEOs engage online, it seems. But what they call "engage" is still very old-fashioned - most of their "engagement" turns out to be "writing a letter" to a corporate website. Oh please...!
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