Monday, 11 October 2010

Social Networking -- Is Social Media Marketing Right For My Brand?

The dynamics of the social media world make it prohibitive for some brands to be able to successfully leverage the opportunity. Here are some questions you can ask to make sure that social media marketing is right for you.

Do I Have Bandwidth? The first question is a simple one - do you have the resources to successfully execute a social media marketing campaign? This is not the sort of thing you can assign someone to check into once per month -- someone needs to be manning your Twitter feed, Facebook page and any other vehicles you set up multiple times per day to find and respond to feedback and also to identify opportunities to begin building relationships with new potential customers.
Customers are going to attempt to contact you when it is convenient for them, so thinking in terms of 9-5 hours may not be a viable solution. You need to be ready to answer their questions quickly, because speed and immediacy are at the heart of the very medium of social media. If you do not meet a user’s expectation in terms of immediacy your credibility in this space will be destroyed.

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