Friday, 5 November 2010

Despite all the cutbacks . Marketing can do more! And spend less! : Tim Arnold

Planning for the next year is almost upon us and we approach the task not only with the usual sensibilities but against a background of austerity and cut back. Yet the powers that be expect Marketing to carry on with a reduced spend yet seemingly achieve the impossible by achieving more.

ΓΌ In this piece Tim Arnold of Tarrystone Consultants puts forward ways that will help you overcome the obstacles of today’s planning issues and rise above them.

By taking 5 common sense routes: battlefield experience recognises the difference between what works and what doesn’t. And that streamlines the process. So seek out expertise combined with experience. Limited budgets are no time to experiment.

strategically, the difference between achieving results or throwing your money away, regardless of whether your media platform trad, digital (or both). Now is the time that you nail the integration issue once and for all looking at all media as one through the lens of your brand to the eyes of the customers

standout ideas boost budgets. Invisibility is unacceptable. So look for the creative idea that both reflects and enhances your brand and message. Reject the hackneyed stereotypes! And build impact with consistency across all platforms.

How to cut a swathe in cutback world

So in this Cutback World although you can be sure that marketing will get more than its fair share of pain. Yet, Marketing has the ability to lead the way to recovery.
You will have to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to achieve your goals but Marketing is the best possible route to success.

Marketing for growth
In real terms Marketing is about growth. Reflecting and interpreting customers’ needs turning them into wants of what your business provides. Nothing puts the pressure on marketing like tough times.
Whatever your budget, you’re forced to punch above your weight.
In which case you need cunning, experience and skill to improve your effectiveness.
Having learned how to perform unexpected marvels with squeezed budgets, let me show you a profitable trick or two on how to inject success into your marketing today.

Marketing means growth, even in a recession
Be certain that as circumstances change, so new opportunities arise.
Customers reappraise their budgets and lifestyles.
Habits and behaviour change quickly, a fertile environment for Marketing.                                                                                                                                    

It really is your opportunity to do more and spend less.
So now in times of straightened budgets look for new ways.
Learn from experience embrace the digital world and broaden your vision. And above all fight through the symmetry imposed by the technology of new media with the search for creativity and the bid idea.

You’ll be astonished at what you will be able to do.

If you feel you would like some guidance then for a free appraisal call 07974 535 855 today before the cutbacks under slice your position.

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