Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Mums Mean Business with hotfrog

This decade has seen the rise of the mum-trepreneur: mothers who decide to start their own businesses whilst at the same time continuing to provide a high-level of care to their families and children. Online business directory hotfrog offers mums nationwide the chance to get ahead of the competition with their quick and easy service.
hotfrog, which provides a FREE internet profile to more than four million small businesses in the UK is the largest global online business directory.  The company has been active in the UK since 2007, with more than five million local searches and 2.6 million unique users per month, representing a vital route to market for the small businesses which power the UK economy.
By incorporating hotfrog into their marketing strategy, mum-trepreneurs can be assured that their product reaches the widest possible audience, as by constantly updating their profiles with news, information and images, they will maintain a high probability of reaching the first pages of major search engines.
hotfrog offers the following tips and solutions to both new and experienced mum-trepreneurs to maximise their business’ exposure:
-        hotfrog offers a broad range of powerful and effective tools to maximise exposure all in the same place, which will increase the chances of your business being featured on the first page of major search engines.
-        With hotfrog you can humanise your story with pictures. Images of your business will make it more attractive to potential customers and clientele. Mum-trepreneurs can populate their profiles with as many images as they wish, enabling them to specifically tailor their hotfrog profiles to ensure that they accurately reflect the company’s offering.
-        Frequently update your hotfrog profile with new products and services, company news and seasonal or timely special offers. By regularly updating their hotfrog profile with images and information, small business owners can be sure that they are increasing their audience, as well as driving traffic to their own websites.
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