Saturday, 27 November 2010

New beauty website has online customer experience nailed | Tomorrow People

A new beauty ecommerce site is bringing a whole new dimension to ‘try before you buy’, with product demonstrations personalised to its customers.
Visitors to, a new beauty ‘online store and more’, can try out their choice of nail products – without leaving home. The site, created by design and marketing consultancy, Tomorrow People, has been designed to provide a more personal experience for online shoppers. Despite being launched just four months ago, the new website is already catching the eye of customers and industry experts.

With the beauty industry growing fast, the website designers wanted to create a unique ecommerce site to actively engage the company’s potential customers. On the website’s home page, customers can use a ‘tsunami’ style colour picker to select their favourite colour nail varnish. This intuitive navigation feature allows them to move on to more detailed information about their product choices. They can then visit the unique online ‘Nail Studio’, select from a range of five different skin tones, demonstrated as real life videos, and view each nail polish colour being applied in an ‘as life’ environment.
Each visitor with a registered profile sees fresh content relevant to them every time they return to the site, thanks to a dynamic graphics display featuring high end cosmetic products. Attractive Flash animations on each section landing page also help to keep prospective customers engaged.
The website is designed to be as easy to use for the company as it is for its customers. A bespoke content management system lets the Candy Nails team respond quickly to sales opportunities with easy product information updates and order and payment management. The website was built and developed using HTML/CSS, PHP, a mySQL database and jQuery.
Adam Gore, Owner of Candy Nails, commented:
“Tomorrow People provided the creative vision and technical expertise to help us build our customer base. The website they have created is an integral part of our goal for Candy Nails to become a leading global online retailer for nail varnish and beauty products.”
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About Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People is a design and marketing consultancy based in Birmingham. The company specialises in providing design, marketing, programming and development innovation for clients that include Westfield Shoppingtowns, Crosby Homes, Highcross Leicester, The Open University, Thomson Holidays, and QlikView.

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