Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Digital media strategies undermined by 'growing pains' .. Download Meltwater's 'Future of Content' research

To download the Future of Content Executive Summary from the Meltwater Group, please visit here.  The full report is available here

We were very interested in the findings of Meltwater’s ‘Future of Content’ research, which looks at how companies are tackling content marketing and social media.

Despite many companies now implementing online strategies, there are some key areas for improvement, notably in measuring the impact and ROI of social media campaigns. Also, there is a big contrast when you look at how social media is handled in the UK compared to the US.

It shows that UK companies have a somewhat good approach to social media; they have invested a bit of money and are doing things small, but doing it well. But what it does show, is that UK companies now need to concentrate on creating conversations by listening to the online community rather than just talking at them.

Compared to social media in the US, it’s a rather different scenario. US companies are pumping a lot of money into social media, and many have strict guidelines in place, making it very much controlled. Can you control social media like US companies would like to, and is that the right approach?

Interestingly enough, companies in both the UK and the US admit that they can’t properly measure ROI, but when it comes to social media, as much as it can’t be controlled, can it be measured?

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