Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Is it a spoof? ... After all, if anyone knows about spin, it's Shane Warne

Shane Warne and Liz Hurley

Suspicions that unlikely ‘romance’ is a big plug for the Australian’s chat show

Is the unlikely love match between the Australian scoundrel Shane Warne and the thoroughly English "posh totty" Liz Hurley all a ruse to publicise the ex-cricketer's new Australian chat show, Warnie? After all, if anyone knows about spin, it's Shane Warne.
The PR theory is being put about to explain why the odd couple have not been out of the headlines since Sunday morning, when the News of the World published long-lens shots of Warne and the married model-actress canoodling and supposedly spending two nights together at the Bentley Hotel in South Kensington.
Then Liz Hurley announced via Twitter that she was not really cheating on her husband, the Indian tycoon Arun Nayar, because they had been living separately for some time. It was just that she had forgotten to tell anyone.
Since then, Warne has also announced that his relationship with Simone Callahan finally came to an end a couple of months ago and he, too, had not told anyone. (He and Simone were once married; they divorced in 2006 but she later took him back.)
Warne was in London to do interviews with Danii Minogue, Jeremy Clarkson and Susan Boyle for his Channel Nine chat show when he was snapped at the Bentley with Hurley.
Today he arrived in Perth in time for commentator duties as the third Test gets underway on Thursday, with England needing only one more victory to keep the Ashes.
Whether the  romance with Hurley is for real or not, the 'sledging' should be quite something when the other boys in the Sky Sports commentary box - Botham, Atherton, 'Bumble' Lloyd and co - rib the famous womaniser between overs. 
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