Saturday, 4 December 2010

Wrap Your Gifts in Viral Videos With QRapping Paper

I’ll admit it, I tend to give rather dull and predictable gifts: books, perfume, framed photographs (hi Mom and Dad), and the like. Which is why I was pretty excited to come across QRAPPING PAPER, a wrapping paper printed with QR codes that can be scanned with a code reader to pull up 50 different — but equally ridiculous — holiday-themed YouTube() videos. It might just save those I love best from another year of utter boredom.

The paper was designed by Artist/Art Director/Entrepreneuer Justin Gignac who says he began “wondering why people weren’t doing anything more fun” with QR codes while playing around with one a few months ago. Thus, he set about printing and packaging wrapping paper that would make videos of flaming gingerbread houses and drunken carolers a part of many a holiday experience.

QRAPPING PAPER is available in pairs of 20-inch x 30-inch sheets for $19.99 on — much more expensive than an equivalent amount of coloured wrapping paper on, of course. But if you’re like me, it should compensate for whatever commonplace item you’ve wrapped inside.
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