Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tweet Mirror / Customers can take pictures of themselves in several outfits, striking poses and showing different angles

For a fun, interactive shopping experience!

Our award-winning Tweet Mirror is a fun tool that combines shopping with the most modern communication trend: social networking. As customers try on your fashion products, they can use Tweet Mirror to send snapshots of themselves to friends via Twitter or e-mail. There’s no easier way to get a friend’s opinion! And for you, it’s free brand exposure far beyond the store.

Interactive fun

Customers can take pictures of themselves in several outfits, striking poses and showing different angles. Using a large touchscreen, they can post these on Twitter or Facebook, or email to specific friends and family. The Tweet Mirror turns shopping into a hip experience.

Social networks

Take advantage of the growing importance of social networks in people’s lives. Connect with Twitter and Facebook communities to create brand awareness. Looking for an easy way to tie your store into worldwide networks? Let your customers do it for you.

Brand exposure

The Tweet Mirror is more than just fun. The strategic benefit is significant: brand exposure beyond your wildest dreams. Every time a customer posts a photo, your company logo and items from your collection are beamed across the world. You can add a personal message or promote your latest collection. What better way to spread the word about your brand?

Award-winning hybrid

By bridging the gap between physical and online shopping, the Tweet Mirror also attracts customers to your web shop. And conversely, it draws the ever-growing internet generation back into your store. In February 2010, the Tweet Mirror was awarded a retail technology prize for enhancing customer involvement and satisfaction.

It won the jury’s praise for its innovative qualities and for offering the retailer great strategic and financial benefits. The Tweet Mirror is already in use in several clothing stores across Europe. The most recent additions are 4 WE stores in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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