Monday, 28 March 2011

Ed Miliband's Split Screen Speech Horror


The Labour leader’s judgement was questioned after he compared the demonstrations to famous civil rights movements and quoted Martin Luther King.

Privately, many Labour MPs are irritated that voters watching events at home were allowed to see their leader speaking from the podium in Hyde Park while live television cameras on split screen simultaneously showed masked demonstrators attacking shops and police officers.

A series of shadow cabinet ministers looked embarrassed as they were pressed over the wisdom of his appearance at the TUC-organised rally which ended in outbreaks of violence on Saturday afternoon, and the language he used in his address.

Although Mr Miliband condemned the disorder, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, accused the Labour leader of "crocodile tears" and accused him of being “quietly satisfied” with the clashes.

David Davis, the former Conservative leadership candidate, described the civil rights comparison as an “extraordinary error of judgement”.

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