Sunday, 20 March 2011

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Getting To Grips With Monitoring & Evaluation Tools To Win The Social Media Business Case (AM)

In-Depth Analysis Of Some Of The Most Effective Free & Paid-For Monitoring, Tracking & Evaluation Tools Available Today & How To Best Use Them.
Prepare for the main conference day with this pre-conference, half-day masterclass:
8.30am Registration & Coffee
9.00am Opening Evaluation Case Study: From Evaluation To Implementation
An in-depth case study covering how to get started with monitoring – from not measuring anything, to using a variety of tools to track and measure activity and users’ activities. We’ll share how we chose the tools we use, how we use them, and how we report on them to connect social media metrics to business goals.
9.45am Where To Begin?
  • Strategically deciding what you need to monitor and why: discussion forums, multimedia sharing, collaborative sites, review sites, entertainment
  • Intelligently allocating your time and resources based on demonstrable metrics
Neil Wholey
Head of Research and Customer Insight
Westminster City Council

10.30am Mid-Morning Refreshment Break
11.00am Is Buzz Even Quantifiable?
  • Measuring and monitoring the intangible – brand, sentiment/buzz and key opinion leaders
  • How can you quantify the quality of a relationship or a conversation?
Madlen Nicolaus
Social Media Manager Europe Africa & Middle East Region
Kodak Ltd

Other topics to be covered, include:
Too Little Time, Too Little Money
  • Saving time – demystifying aggregation techniques and real-time feeds
  • Easy-to-implement methods for real-time brand monitoring and mapping
  • Learning how to create your own monitoring and tracking tools
Marketplace Overview
  • Scrutinising the relative merits and limitations of the best tools and systems freely available
  • Best of the rest – which are the most widely compatible and best-rated paid-for tools?
  • Understanding how these tools can complement current activities
12.00pm Workshop Finishes

Pre-Conference Masterclass Harnessing Twitter & facebook (PM)

Winning Strategies To Mobilise & Monetise Twitter & facebook For Your Business

Prepare for the main conference day with this pre-conference, half-day masterclass:
1.30pm Registration & Coffee
2.00pm Crucial Decisions
  • Discussing what Twitter and facebook can and cannot do for your brand
  • Dissecting the relative pros and cons of engaging in a Twitter and facebook strategy
  • Is my target audience using Twitter and facebook and how can I investigate what they want?
  • How can I consistently communicate my brand identity, personality and message– how do I find my voice?
  • How can I communicate a serious message effectively within the 140 character limit?
  • What role should video play?
Rae Pizer
Digital Production Manager
Comic Relief

2.45pm Next Steps
  • Avoiding novice blunders when building communities and learning how to engage
  • What do I tweet and post in the early days? How do I get started?
  • Seamlessly integrating Twitter and facebook with your overall activities
  • How can I make my campaign stand out and be targeted amongst so much noise?
  • Looking to the sites and high-profile examples to learn best (and worst) practice techniques
Deborah Luckham
Global Online Marketing Manager SEA LIFE & Dungeons
The Dungeons

3.30pm Mid-Afternoon Refreshment Break
4.00pm Demonstrating ROI
  • Best practice monitoring, tracking and evaluation tools available for both today
  • Scrutinising best practice techniques to drive revenue, build databases and monetise your fans and following
  • Allocating justifiable time and resources to each
  • Understanding how to use the latest applications within the platforms themselves for greater impact and accountability
  • How are other organisations successfully monetising facebook and Twitter?
5.00pm Workshop Finishes
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