Saturday, 9 April 2011

Can you help? My friend's son has cancer. They have been told they need to take him to Florida to get more treatment

OK so some of you may know that my son Jacob has been very poorly with cancer. I just want to start off by saying Jacob is the bravest and most determined person that I know.... and he is only 14 months old!

Jacob was diagnosed with a cancerous skull tumour at around five months old. When the tumour was first discovered it was the size of an apple growing from the back of his skull inwards impacting on his brain. He showed no signs of neurological damage and the tumour was only discovered was when it grew so large it fractured his skull and became noticeable.

Almost immediately Jacob started chemotherapy at Great Ormond Street hospital in London. After the first six rounds of chemotherapy Jacob underwent a serious operation to remove the tumour and cancerous bone from the back of his head. Unfortunately the doctors had to remove a large part of the back of his skull leaving a hole. Jacob now wears a protective hat to stop him from falling on his unprotected brain.

Since the operation Jacob has gone from strength to strength even though he has undergone a further six rounds of chemotherapy. On Monday (4th April 2011) the consultants at Great Ormond Street Hospital told us that Jacob will need to undergo further treatment in Jacksonville, Florida, this was quiet a shock as we live in London, England! Jacob, my partner Gemma and myself will be travelling out to the states for a period of three months for Jacob to have proton radiation therapy. This treatment will give Jacob a real chance at a long term future. We have been told we will be leaving within the next six weeks.

The British government have agreed to pay for the treatment and some living costs which I am truly grateful for (and I will never moan about tax increases again! I promise). Unfortunately we are going to have to fund a fair amount of our own living costs.

I am a very proud person who does not like to ask for help.... But if you feel comfortable enough to make a donation I would be truly grateful. The money will be used to make Jacob's stay in Florida more bearable allowing us to give him more comfortable surroundings, decent food, toys and a mummy and daddy not worrying how they are going to pay the rent allowing us to focus on him and his wellbeing.

Thank you for even reading this far and even if you do not feel comfortable making a donation please re-tweet and Facebook link this post.
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