Tuesday, 10 May 2011

2009/10's top networking region was Kent. This time it's Ireland, South and West

Ireland has officially been rated Europe’s top business networking capital, by the world’s largest business referral organisation.
According to BNI (Business Network International), their Ireland South & West region, the Republic’s largest business referral organisation, has qualified for the title based on the above average business referral rate passed from one member to another, compared to the rest of Europe.
Members of the Ireland South & West BNI groups have passed an average  of 30 per cent more business, per member, than the rest of Europe.   

This translates to 1.37 qualified business referrals passed between members on average every week.
Ireland takes the top spot from Kent, which was Europe’s previous business networking capital based on the high rate of referrals for the previous year.

Sandra Hart, executive director of BNI Ireland South & West commented:  “We believe the marked increase in referral value passed between our members has been down to their abilities to build closer relationships with one another, hence making referring their colleagues an easier task.  The core principals of business networking teach us that if you like someone, it makes it that much easier to refer business to them, and our members have demonstrated this. 

We have also noticed our members are thinking strategically about their sales and the advent of having colleagues with whom to share ideas and gain valuable feedback from on a regular basis has given confidence, clarity and support otherwise not available to business who don’t have a closeknit peer network.”
BNI South & West members meet every single week, in towns and cities across Ireland, on designated days at 7am for a 90 minute meeting where qualified business referrals are passed between each group’s members. Training and best practice around business referrals are integral to the weekly meetings.
All business referrals exchanged between BNI members are tracked to  ensure they have resulted in a qualified invoiced piece of business.  

There are 15 000 members in BNI across Ireland and the UK.
·       BNI is the Ireland and the world's largest and most successful 
referral and business networking organisation, with thousands of members across 42 countries. The success of BNI is based on the philosophy of 'givers gain' - think about giving business to others and you will receive in return. Members are taught the art and skills of professional business networking.

·       Within each BNI chapter there can only be one person 
representing each respective trade / discipline – this guarantees all prospective new business will be given to that person exclusively.

·       Website: www.bni.eu/ireland

·       For further information, contact BNI head office: 094 9021553

·       Article by Dr Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI: how to thrive 

·       BNI is active in 42 countries worldwide
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