Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Marketers, advertisers, publishers : Have you something important to share?: ad:tech London 2011

With consumer behaviour evolving at a rapid pace - driven by technology and tectonic changes in the media landscape - marketers and advertisers need to keep up-to-date if they want to stay on top of their game. ad:tech London

For the past six years, ad:tech London has become the one-stop-shop for marketers, advertisers, publishers and entrepreneurs to source new solutions, catch up with new trends, enhance their know-how and learn best practice.

Last year's feedback showed that 70 per cent of ad:tech London's entire audience attended these educational sessions.

ad:tech London offers six seminar streams:

http://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifBranding and contenthttp://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifReach and targethttp://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifMeasure and analysehttp://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifData and insighthttp://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifConvert and engagehttp://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifMobile marketing and apps
... enabling you to:
http://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifspeak directly to the people who will buy into your expertisehttp://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifengage your audience with your case studieshttp://ad-tech.msgfocus.com/files/amf_dmgworldmedia/project_61/bullet_arrow.gifconnect with buyers and open up new business opportunities

ad:tech prides itself on showcasing speakers who are interested in challenging the mind and educating the educated; who have a passion for their business and the world of digital.I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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+ 44 (0)20 3180 651

Please contact us now and find out how to get involved in this year's programme.
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