Saturday, 25 June 2011

archibald ingall stretton launches Hello Boobs for CoppaFeel

Following the success of CoppaFeel!’s 2010 ‘Boob Hijack’ awareness campaign, archibald ingall stretton…devised a concept to make checking their breasts ‘the habit of a life time’ for young people across the UK.
‘Hello Boobs’ aims to encourage and inspire young people, particularly of university age, to be comfortable and familiar with their breasts in order to reduce the incidents of late detection or misdiagnosed cancer.
The integrated campaign will include billboards, postcards and transfer tattoos which will be distributed at a number of festivals including Beach Break, V festival, T in the Park, The Big Chill and Bestival. The idea behind the creative is to encourage young people to start a life long relationship with their boobs by naming them. ITV television presenter Lorraine Kelly, who is the first celebrity to take part in the initiative, has christened her boobs ‘Pinky’ and ‘Perky.’
The image on the billboards and postcard, emulating the 1994 ad, shows a woman posing in a Wonderbra staring down at her boobs. Next to the model is a bold caption - spoofing the ‘Hello Boys’ tagline - that reads: ‘Hello Boobs’. Supporting light-hearted copy explains: ‘Knowing your boobs could save your life’ highlighting the importance of knowing what your boobs look and feel like normally.

At events, members of the public will be directed to the CoppaFeel! Boob tent where they can name their boobs using transfer tattoos or henna pens. There will also be a chance to star in the ad through having a picture taken using a British seaside-style face cut-out board.
archibald ingall stretton… have also designed a Facebook app where users can morph their face on the iconic ad and post their boob names onto the CoppaFeel! Facebook page. Members can also vote for the best boob names, with the person who gets the most votes winning a prize.
Kristin Hallenga, Founder and CEO of CoppaFeel! commented: “ Support from everyone involved has been absolutely amazing – from archibald ingall stretton… through to Trevor Beattie, the creator of the Wonderbra ad. So many people have provided us with free creative, photography and media. Our message is a serious one but we love the fun and cheekiness of the campaign. It really does reinforce what CoppaFeel! is all about. Getting to know your boobs from a young age is so important, and that is why our ultimate aim, is to encourage these people to make checking their boobs a habit of a lifetime - as it could save their life one day.”
Steve Stretton, founding partner of archibald ingall stretton…, added: “Following the success of last year’s Boob Hijack awareness campaign we have officially made CoppaFeel! the agency’s charity this year. It’s great to be involved and supporting such a valuable cause. We have recognised that this year the push needed to be about people actually connecting and starting a life-long relationship with their boobs. By asking people to name theirs, we believe this will drive the CoppaFeel! message home among the young target audience - and what a better way to get maximum noise than to mimic the most famous poster ad campaign ever!”   

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