Thursday, 23 June 2011

Who are the online influencers, and how are they using social tools to broadcast their stories and shape the public discourse

Matthew Yeomans

As P&G, Nestle and Sony have learned, deploying old-school PR methods to defuse a crisis is no longer acceptable corporate comms practice in an age where damaging “news” can break from a Twitter feed, blog post or YouTube clip.

While these social tools can sink the reputation of a slow-footed organisation, they can be used to great effect by the social-savvy company to manage its communications swiftly, openly and with greater impact for all your stakeholders in a time of crisis.

That's why we've launched our latest one-day workshop "Social Media Crisis Communications, to be held on July 12 in London. Through a series of best practice examples and interactive role-playing, we’ll show you how to effectively handle a social media crisis and use social media to help manage and lead crisis communication.

This one day training workshop will teach communicators:
    •    How social media is impacting the daily news agenda.
    •    Who are the online influencers, and how are they using social tools to broadcast their stories and shape the public discourse.
    •    How can corporations use social media to monitor their reputation more effectively.
    •    What technologies and tools do corporations need to consider to develop a robust communications continuity plan.
    •    Which issues can go viral, and how companies can spot them in time.
    •    Which new skills do corporate communicators need to adapt in order to maintain a robust communications continuity plan.
    •    How to arm your communications team for a world driven by 140 characters on a 24/7 schedule.

About the Trainers
The workshop is a collaboration between Custom Communication founders Matthew Yeomans and Bernhard Warner and Alpha Voice Communications founder Neil Chapman. Matthew and Bernhard draw on decades of newsroom experience, plus over five years advising companies on social media reputation and crisis communications issues.
Neil Chapman is an expert in crisis communications and has responded to major crises in the US and UK – including the recent BP Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent spill. Neil has trained and counseled scores of business people at all levels on honing their communication skills, particularly when delivering difficult messages or facing hostile audiences.
We believe this is one of our most exciting new workshops. You can register at Social Media and Crisis Communications workshop:
I look forward to working with some of you in July.

Matthew Yeomans
Co-founder, Social Media Influence

07949 830256

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