Friday, 10 June 2011

The exciting new challenge is to integrate offline and online marketing with the breath-taking range of new digital technologies / mediaPro 2011

Integration. The next great marketing frontier.

The Internet. Email marketing. Direct marketing.

Most marketers have been there, done that. The exciting new challenge is to integrate offline and online marketing with the breath-taking range of new digital technologies – social media, mobile, video – to create campaigns that truly deliver on the promises of integration – lower costs, greater impact and a marketing whole that is substantially greater than the sum of its individual parts.
This is a strategic as well as a tactical challenge which is why mediaPro – the only event dedicated to this brave new world –attracts an audience of enviable seniority and authority.  They come from the very biggest companies and the biggest agencies and they don’t go to other events.
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At the heart of mediaPro is a different approach to running events and helping suppliers like you generate leads and business. Like all effective ideas, it is blindingly simple. mediaPro is built around world-class, conference quality content, [not the usual tired line-up of thinly disguised vendor presentations] worth literally hundreds of pounds.
But,this tremendous conference is delivered to invited senior marketers  absolutely free of charge And, the whole thing – six separate conference theatres, a massive keynote arena and over 100 hours of superb content - is located right in the middle of the exhibition floor to ensure maximum direct interaction with these hard-to-reach buyers for our exhibitors and sponsors.
And it is all constructed in a modular format to ensure that delegates are out on the floor converting their interest into business for you.
It all creates a very sophisticated environment, one that is very different to traditional trade shows and conferences, the kind of environment in which big players feel at home. That’s why so many of them come to mediaPro and won't go anywhere else.

When it comes to integrated marketing, it's not what you know….
It's who you know. At mediaPro, we like to practice what we preach. That`s why we are working in concert with literally dozens of media partners, trade associations and new media organisations to broaden our reach, ensure superlative content and narrowcast our promotional messages to high value audiences on a highly personalised basis.
In addition to precision-targeted electronic promotion and a great website we will be utilising  high impact colour advertising, innovative direct mail and, mobile marketing, all backed up by an intensive three month tele-marketing campaign.
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