Monday, 4 July 2011

Tesco and their virtual stores - thoughts from Marco Monfils

Virtual shopping experience 2.0

Marco Monfils looks at Tesco and their virtual stores. 

If you seek to remain relevant to consumers, there can be little debate on the importance of innovation and innovative thinking. Likewise, few are prepared to argue with the emergence of the web as THE medium of choice to reach out and influence an entire new generation of consumers.

Following this logic, and putting 1 + 1 together, how cool would it be to switch from offline to online shopping for our daily and weekly household shopping?

No need to park, shop and carry the stuff home, no wasted time in supermarket aisles, quality time gained to spend elsewhere, whether that be work, pleasure or the pure luxury of not having to do anything (a rare treat in these ever busy times). The formulae sounds simple enough, add a consumer trend on top of an established consumer habit and make it happen, and why would it not work? It makes complete sense, and I don’t need no marketing or business know-how to figure this out☺

So, to keep the innovation principle simple, if we combine supermarkets + web = online shopping, this must be a winner right?

Not really. So, let’s have a closer look at the flaws of this simplistic approach to innovation in business with a practical analysis about the pros and cons of online shopping:  
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