Monday, 4 July 2011

80% of sales occur after the 5th contact / Get 20 articles for your company in

80% of sales occur after the 5th contact with your prospect…but most business owners only reach out to new leads two or three times 

Answer : That’s where the ‘theMarketingblog (Five Month) '20 article' Package’ plays its part.

This is an idea that builds on the 10 year platform and track record of theMarketingblog  and extends your reach, influencing power and search engine position.

Our experience of working with many other companies over the last 10 years has shown there is an additive effect in prospecting & profiling success from running a series of  stories in theMarketingblog

  • 80% of sales occur after the 5th contact with your prospect…but most small business owners only reach out to new leads 2 or 3 times.
  • Average websites only convert 1-2%
  • Most small businesses waste over 75% of their marketing & advertising budgets because they don't follow up well

You should seriously consider a ‘Marketingblog '20 article' package where you get four articles every month in the form of a story in the (25,000 unique visitors pm )

You also get exposure in four other sites (Tumblr, Blogger, Rebel Mouse, Scoop It).
It gets better. You get extra, extra leverage in Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites.

This is for five months, yes five months (say June through November 2013). You could be benefiting from the power of 20 great articles.
Benefits of the ‘theMarketingblog '20 article' package
  1. We project / create / write the stories so your management time is saved
  2.  It is very Google friendly.
  3.  It is available as a micro site to be used with your website.
  4.  There is full tracking in theMarketingblog newsletter so your databases would get fresh names. .
  5.  It will give your website / blog maximum exposure to the right type of prospect. 
This is all at a current low cost of only £865 for 20 articles.

That's only £43 per article

Your success stories in theMarketingblog would pull the right quality of leads for you to get more quality proposals out for the rest of 2013. You would also be positioning your business in a more than useful ‘inner circle’ sector for the future.

Remember the '20 article' Package does this by:
  1. Increasing the number of new prospects
  2. Improving customer service levels
  3. Identifying hot sales leads
  4. Finding out what your customers want with informative email surveys and questionnaires
  5. Increasing sales prospects
Well written articles that offer to solve a problem, provide useful info or valuable insight can build trust and confidence in your expertise. They are also ‘sticky’, keeping visitors glued to your content and engaged with your stories for longer. Also good quality content improves your ranking due to the nature of Google’s business.

The challenge therefore is to keep your stories up to date with fresh, interesting and factual articles over the five months.

They say word of mouth is the best recommendation you can get - and we agree!  Check out these glowing references from just a few of our happy, satisfied users! 
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