Saturday, 27 August 2011

A three and a half minute window on Suzanne Pirret - who is described as mesmerizing to men

Video - Cooking decadently, the pleasure is all mine by Suzanne Pirret

The new woman in Heston Blumenthal’s life American beauty Suzanne Pirret, has been called many things.
She has also has been described as mesmerizing to men

Suzanne Pirret’s book ‘ The Pleasure is All Mine’, shows how to create and enjoy great food without the expense of visiting restaurants or trouble of entertaining fussy dinner guests.

Watch Suzanne's video
The book has 100 recipes that are simple to prepare, she also offers some inspired wine and cocktail suggestions.
Edgy and bursting with personality, ‘The Pleasure is All Mine’ is also filled with a wealth of devilishly entertaining stories based on her experiences living in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and London.

This short video provides a three and a half minute window on Suzanne, she is not shy.
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