Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Public sector building: education; healthcare; leisure and social housing: Intermedia Global / new list

Marketing News: Intermedia Global is delighted to announce the welcome addition of a new list to their managed list portfolio.

The Public Sector Build Journal (PSBJ) is aimed at those working in the four main areas of public sector building: education; healthcare; leisure and social housing.

The list of 12,000 records will appeal to a broad range of companies and is an excellent direct channel to contacts within the UKs construction industry, including architects, contractors, surveyors and many more covering all aspects of public sector building.
Selections can be made by job title and geography with base rental starting at just £195/000 for a one time postal use.
Intermedia Global is also offering a £25 Marks & Spencer gift voucher for every order of over 5000 PSBJ records throughout August.
Please call Chris Herrick in the List Management department on +44 (0) 1234 834815 for specific counts or download a rate card from the managed list section on our web site:

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