Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Marketing Consilience a new approach | Arnold's Aphorisms

Science and our knowledge of the human condition have changed so much that now we need our own genome project for Marketing….
This section of the blog aims to reflect these new scientific understandings and how they impact on the practice of Marketing. Welcome to Marketing Consilience…
The explosion of all things digital and the radical changes in usage of and involvement in new media have meant an explosion in marketing and new people. Yet the new marketing managers are concerned with the technology and the behavioural data that digital disgorges. Capability transcends strategy and creativity is squeezed to meet the demands of the technology.

Yet Marketing is not simply for managing processes but in developing strategies for growth that predict behaviour and create more demand through brands that are desired. Over the past decade the sciences have been adding greatly to the sum of  knowledge of human kind and the growth understanding of how the brain works, which leads to the how and why we behave which now, in many instances is with remarkable predictability.

The past has revealed the importance of community and our place in it whilst physical traits are beginning to be better understood through genetic research. There are signs that some have started to recognise this body of knowledge especially in Market Research yet there is so much more that can be achieved in more effective communications.

Bringing knowledge together from a number of different sciences was named Consilience: The unity of knowledge by biologist E. O Wilsona dozen years ago perhaps now is the time for us to consider both in practice and indeed academically. Let me ask you to consider Marketing Consilience; the impact of new scientific knowledge of Marketing itself.
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