Friday, 26 August 2011

Pure Technology / Bear Grylls expedition of North West Passage

"This is one of the most exciting starts to a new campaign we've had for a while at amplifier " Paul Spiers

We've just been appointed to run a new PR and marketing campaign for Pure Technology - a technology services company based in Surrey and Australia. One week in and we're announcing Pure Technology's involvement in Bear Grylls' attempt to traverse the famous North West Passage later this month in a Rigid Inflatable Boat for the first time ever. It’s being attempted to raise money and awareness of Children’s charity, Global Angels.

Pure Technology is providing all the comms equipment and 24/7 IT support for the trip ensuring the crew can keep in constant contact with the outside world. Pure is providing Panasonic Toughbook laptops, satelite phones, GPS systems and sponsoring the life jackets as well.

I had a good look at this kit last week and it's amazing stuff. Laptops that can fall stories without breaking, cases that cars can drive over - not that this should be an issue in the Arctic . . . Paul

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