Friday, 21 October 2011

Who else wants to send 500 emails out for only £20? / Postal Strike

Postal Strike / Send 500 emails out for £20.00 complete with all the tracking - and better still there is an opening offer - 50% off! allows you to send eshots. Updatable and self service it even has world view so that you can see what country the person was in when they open the email. Plus you get all the other tracking needed to see who opens and what they click on. You can pay monthly or per campaign.

It allows you to send 500 emails out for £20.00 complete with all the tracking! And for Marketing Clout and theMarketingblog readers there is a half price deal. It's simple just quote ref. PS50MB

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Create your own email campaign
I already have my own eshot
Already have your own eshot built and ready to go? Then simply Sign Up for a Postal Strike account and start using our online EDM Software now. All you have to pay is £5* per campaign and then 3p* per email you send. Click here to view a campaign pricing example.
*plus VAT
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Eshot templates
Don't have the expertise to build your own eshot? No problem, just send us your logo and we will send you back three branded templates using your company's colour scheme for just £150 plus VAT. Then all you have to do is add your own content using Postal Strike's easy email editor (no experience needed).
You can view these templates full size here: Template 1, Template 2, Template 3.
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