Monday, 31 October 2011

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The old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words ‘ begs the question what is a video worth..?
In the current economic climate marketers and their agencies are trying to get every pennies worth from their budget and many are using to video to help achieve this.
Creating a video ad and posting it on You Tube is very inexpensive these days, but production values and creativity here as with any type of media selection are vital. The other key ingredient in the mix is Viewings, not just numbers but targeted audience is essential for relevance and impact.
Earlier this year we featured a video from the catering equipment company Moffat. Years ago the array of big silver boxes from catering equipment companies would require very detailed conversations between potential buyers and sellers of such equipment. This would be needed to lead to an understanding of features, advantages and benefits to buyers as the big silver boxes need to differentiate USP’s (Unique Selling Points).
The Moffat Video does the USP differentiation job perfectly.
Also for those of us who have attended awards events and wondered how 1,500 people all get served a piping hot high quality meal in the space of 15 minutes or so, Moffat have shed the light.
We are big fans of this video and as such suggest that a viewing is very worthwhile as it is a lesson in getting a marketing message across very effectively and not just for catering equipment.
Case Study 2, Video Marketing in the Hospitality and Catering sector
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